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Der große BLV Pilzführer für unterwegs: 1200 Arten · 1000 Farbfotos (German Edition)
メーカー:BLV Buchverlag
著者:Ewald Gerhardt
価格:    中古価格:
Pilze sammeln ist ein beliebtes, aber nicht ganz ungefährliches Hobby – denn oft sehen Giftpilze den wohlschmeckenden Speisepilzen täuschend ähnlich! Damit kein ungenießbarer oder gar giftiger Pilz im Körbchen landet, sollten sich Pilzfreunde – aber auch Kenner – den neu aufgelegten Band "Der große BLV Pilzführer für unterwegs" als Begleiter für die nächste Pilzsammel-Tour in die Tasche stecken.
Dieser Pilzratgeber mit neuem Layout stellt kompakt und anschaulich mehr als 1200 Pilzarten mit naturgetreuen Farbfotos vor. In kurzen, prägnanten Beschreibungen erfährt der Pilzsammler alles Wichtige, um Pilze sicher bestimmen und unterscheiden zu können: die deutschen wie die wissenschaftlichen Namen, Erkennungsmerkmale, Vorkommen, Wuchszeiten sowie Speisewert beziehungsweise Giftwirkung und Verwechslungsgefahr werden beschrieben.
Entsprechende Symbole lassen auf einen Blick erkennen, ob der Pilz essbar, ungenießbar oder giftig ist. Anschauliche Bestimmungssymbole am Kopf jeder Seite dienen als Orientierungshilfe durch die immense Artenfülle und führen den Benutzer dadurch rasch zur gesuchten Pilzgruppe. "Der große BLV Pilzführer für unterwegs" im handlichen Taschenformat ist ein unentbehrlicher Begleiter für jeden Pilzsammler!

中国最美的散文 · 世界最美的散文
メーカー:吉林出版集团有限责任公司 (XXT)
価格:    中古価格:

著者:Martin, 1483-1546 Luther
価格:    中古価格:
HardPress Classic Books Series

中国著名短篇小说 · 世界著名短篇小说
メーカー:吉林出版集团有限责任公司 (XXT)
価格:    中古価格:

镜·辟天2 Mirror · Open Day 2
メーカー:北京南文博雅文化传媒有限公司 Beijing Nanwen Boya Culture Media Co., Ltd
価格:    中古価格:

Sea King, came out from Xunzun King Tomb and Queen Baiwei with spirit on Baiyin, came to Ye City and entered into the market of mermaid slave (Haiguo Hall). In the Haiguo Hall, Sumo recalled the experience of whipping, berating and trade of himself in the cage hundreds years ago; then Sumo demonstrated his skill and killed the boss of the slave market and saved trapped mermaid despite of consequences to the Ice Race and warning by Baiwei. During the rescue, Sumo also rescued the slave (Xiao) of Yunhuan from whom he got to know that Yunhuan should not have got the dragon ball (willpower bead) but imprisoned by ten wizards of Ice Race. Therefore, his family was affected as well as his two elder sisters (servants to the smart guy). One was exiled outside while the other one was supervised by ten wizards. The only smart guy that could save them was asleep.

好习惯·卖火柴的小男孩 Good Habits · The Little Match Boy
メーカー:敦煌文艺出版社 Dunhuang Literature and Art Publishing House
価格:    中古価格:

This is a book describing good habits with lots of relevant stories. It elaborates the significance of good habits from several aspects such as study, interpersonal relationship, life and behavior. This book will let you get to adapt to and understand and finally cultivate good habits, which will help us achieve success in our life. If you want yourself or your kids to cultivate good habits from now on, you cannot miss this book.

镜·归墟1 Mirror · Virtual 1
メーカー:北京南文博雅文化传媒有限公司 Beijing Nanwen Boya Culture Media Co., Ltd
価格:    中古価格:
神秘的云荒大陆在最终卷中如何经历着惊心动魄的一夜,最神秘的智者大人——他的真实面纱又是谁?真岚太子的六个封印是否都能揭开,帝王的力量是否能回复,白璎和苏摩的爱情结局是悲还是喜,这一切的谜团都即将解开。空桑在经历了空前的杀戮后,云焕传乘了破坏神的力量,成为了云荒天空中代表杀戮的破军星。而此时白璎和苏摩也冲入冰人的禁地,找到了智者大人,于是百年冰人能够统治空桑,帝王之血能够被封印的秘密揭晓了,也就是在这次碰面和绞杀中,等待千年的白薇皇后与星尊帝再次重逢。得到大部分躯体的真岚同龙神共同的对抗已经是破坏神的云焕,一直蛰伏于镜湖的空桑人,也再次同冰人进行战斗。 也就是这样的一夜,云荒大陆充斥着愤怒、哀愁、温情、和凄惨……

What kind of thrilling night will be on the mysterious Yunhuang Land in the final volume? Who is the mysterious wise man on earth? Can Prince Zhenlan open all six seals? Can the power of emperor be resumed? What the end will be for love between Baiyin and Sumo? All mysteries will be disclosed here. After the unprecedented massacre by Kongcang, Yunhuan inherits the destructive power, becoming the enemy conqueror in the Yunhuang sky. At this time, Baiyin and Sumo have entered in to the forbidden area of Ice Man. They find the wise man and the century ice man can rule Kongsang; the secret that the blood of the emperor can open the seal. In this very meeting and fighting, Queen Baiwei, after waiting for thousands years, finally meets with Xizun Emperor; Zhanlan, with most real body, and Yunhuan, who is already the god of destruction hide themselves in Kongsang people along the Mirror Lake. They fight against the ice man again. In this very night, Yunhuang Land is filled with anger, sadness, affection and misery…

Diffuse Customer Mystery World · Reverse (Cai Jun Mystery Magazine)
メーカー:Zhejiang Publishing United Group Digital Media Co., Ltd
著者:Jun Cai
価格:    中古価格:

"Cai Jun Mystery Magazine: Diffuse Customer Mystery World ? Reverse (VOL.4)" tells the story of the future dream: building has become a hell, more than 20 survivors trapped in this, who lives and who dies? "Hell", a disaster to upgrade!

The Gemini constellation "Interrogation Record" second case "the Chamber of Secrets Murder" begins from this journal!

"Tupelo", "Internet Marketer", "Remote Mountain Village", "Serial murder", "Strange Folk" ... ... The wonderful mystery horrors, melting in a furnace, by China best mystery novelist Zhuang Qin;

Science Fiction Award winner Wu Shui, "Diffuse Customer" popular works "Dark Monster", the original fiction writer, brought his award-winning work, science and suspense boutique "food ";

"Reasoning", "Mystery World" popular writer Shi Chen (Yao Dao Xiao Bao), also joined the magazine. The new work "Parasitic" is a chilly story.

Beyond excellent novels, there are interactive entertainment programs such as "World Suspense Geography", "Surprise Archives" and there are special programs for super popular fiction writer Suo Luo Shuang Shu.

In "Diffuse Customer Mystery World ? Reverse (VOL.4)", the author interactivate the horror around various suspense theme and brings different interactive reading experience to the readers!

进取心·穿越大海的海鸥 Enterprise · the Seagul that Pass the Sea
メーカー:敦煌文艺出版社 Dunhuang Literature and Art Publishing House
価格:    中古価格:

This book is divided into seven chapters with contents of: never give up, hard working and diligent apprentice, go far away from one's home and aspire to a great career, the best angle and success via self-restraint. It includes stories such as Ant, Attend School in Snowy Day, Stone & Jewel, Bribe the Rooster, Household Laboratory, Sparrow Builds the Nest, When We Were Young and Shabby Vessel.

J.S.バッハ:三位一体のカンタータ集(Kantaten · Cantatas BWV 75, 194)
価格:¥ 1,210    中古価格:
Die Elenden sollen Essen, BWV75 - Höchsterwünschtes Freudenfest, BWV194 / Thomanerchor Leipzig - Gewandhausorchester - Georg Christoph Biller, direction

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